Personal Injury

Personal injury attorney, Joshua W. Branch, focuses his law practice on a wide variety of personal injury cases. Having focused solely on this one genre of law has allowed his passion for justice for individuals and his continuing desire to learn more and inundate himself with the most recent in medical technology to allow for extraordinary results for his clients (as evidenced by his client testimonial page on this website).

If you or someone you know has been severely injured by another then you will unfortunately understand the troubles that a personal injury victim suffers. Not only is there the component of real physical and psychological pain and suffering, but there is suffering from a financial standpoint as medical bills mount and wages are not able to be obtained as they had before. If you or someone you know have been injured from any of the following case types (or others that are not listed) please call Joshua W. Branch for a free case consultation. You will need an experienced, savvy and passionate attorney to fight for your legal rights so that you can obtain fair and just compensation.

The following is a list of personal injury cases that we handle: