Slip & Falls

We have all been through stores and have seen liquids on the floor and unfortunately have seen situations where large items fall off of store shelves. It generally is no big deal unless it seriously injures us or someone we know. Serious injuries can arise from situations like these when we happen to be going through a store or a restaurant and unknowingly come across a hazard on the floor and don’t see it because a store owner does not take appropriate precautions to ensure the cleanliness and safety of their store. Store owners owe a non-delegable duty to their customers to maintain a safe store; however, unfortunately that does not always happen and when someone is injured in these circumstances in the Athens and surrounding areas, they will need Sip and Fall Accident Attorney Joshua W. Branch in their corner.

It is estimated that many potentially dangerous slip and fall accidents go unreported every year, as individuals at the time do not think their injuries require medical attention. However, each year approximately one million emergency room visits are due to slip and fall incidents. It is crucial that individuals seek medical treatment after a painful slip and fall. These falls can have major consequences on one’s health, with about five percent of all slip and falls resulting in bone fractures or other serious injury. In fact, slip and falls also are the leading cause of occupational injury in people aged 55 and older. Additionally, many brain injuries occur due to slip and fall accidents, which may have a lasting impact on one’s life.

It should come as no surprise that when one is seriously injured in a store, that most of the time the insurance company for the store will defend the store’s actions despite sometimes knowing all along that the store and the store owners are in the proverbial wrong.

Joshua W. Branch has vast experience in resolving these types of negligence cases and has had great results for his clients. Actually, one of his first jury trials forced the defendant (a large corporate grocery store chain) to withdraw their Answer right before trial due to the defendant’s dishonest actions in their litigation. The jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff that was injured in the store who had suffered a permanent knee injury despite the fact that right after the injured person suffered her fall she was told that the store would not accept liability and that the fall was her own fault. All of that changed when the professional legal representation of Joshua W. Branch became involved and the matter was presented to a jury of her peers who rendered a verdict for her injuries.

When someone suffers through a premises liability situation meaning they sustain severe injuries caused by the store owner not maintaining a safe premise, they will need professional legal representation, advice, and counsel as soon as possible to ensure they receive a fair and reasonable outcome. An outcome that takes all of the circumstances of the event in mind and that is just and fair. They need a legal advocate who is aggressive in protecting their rights and is also compassionate in understanding what they have suffered and has the skill and expertise of knowing the inner workings of the human anatomy to fully understand the scope and effect of the injuries.

Bear in mind, that as soon as one has been injured, the insurance company for the culpable party begins almost instantly to attempt to minimize the appropriate outcome for the injured individual – the insurance company views the injured or the family who has lost a loved one as an alpha-numeric number and the insurance company will attempt to do everything within their power to not compensate the injured or the family of a loved one in a fair and reasonable manner. Insurance companies are strictly driven by profits, not by their compassion for people and doing what is right and just. The insurance company’s focus will rely on one simple principle: profits over people. So, if given the chance, an insurance company will even try to resolve a claim before all injuries have been identified and have received professional medical attention. Those types of actions on behalf of the insurance companies illustrate the vantage point that they take over those who are severely injured and or who have lost loved ones. That vantage point taken is that they do not care about you or your family and that they have no compassion towards what you have been through.

When one is injured in a slip and fall accident, contacting trustworthy legal representation should come right after medical treatment. Joshua W. Branch, Athens’ premier Slip and Fall Attorney, has the necessary experience to get justice for victims who were injured purely due to negligence and lack of safety concern. Josh W. Branch does not represent big businesses and insurance companies, he represents the community. Do not let an accident like this affect your life indefinitely; call Josh W. Branch, personal injury attorney, for a full and fair legal consultation because you are entitled to proper legal representation.

For all premises liability cases, timing is crucial in many respects: video surveillance can be destroyed, witnesses can disappear, employees can move on to other jobs or towns, amidst other important issues. The initial stages of any type of premise liability case are crucial for a variety of reasons. The following are some suggested steps to take to ensure you are headed in the right direction toward a fair and just recovery, both physically and financially.

Suggested Steps to Take If You Have Been Injured

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