Tractor Trailer / Trucking Accidents

Personal Injury Attorney Joshua W. Branch has impressive results in resolving bodily injury cases that arise from tractor-trailer collisions. His first jury trial involved a tractor-trailer wreck.  His desire and passion to continue to provide excellent legal counsel and representation to those injured from trucking wrecks has continued.  Along the way, he has been able to learn from some attorneys who are nationally recognized in this field and have been able to learn from their vast knowledge base and has applied it to his own legal practice.

Most people are aware of the staggering size and weight of a tractor-trailer but after many conversations it appears that a large number of people are unaware of the specific rules and regulations that tractor-trailer drivers must abide by when they drive such monsters on the roadways. Truck drivers are mandated to abide by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration which provides certain amounts of times that they can drive without taking a break, limitations on weight of what they can pull and many other detailed facets which are mandated by the federal government.

Unfortunately, many truck accidents take place every year in the United States, which causes injury to thousands of people, in addition to causing many deaths. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) indicates that a trucking accident occurs when large trailers (10,000+ lbs.) collide with other vehicles or pedestrians.  Around 500,000 trucking accidents occur every year in the United States. Of these, approximately 5,000 trucking accidents result in fatalities. In fact, one out of every eight traffic fatalities involves a trucking collision.

Trucking revenues totaled $610 billion last year and revenues are estimated to nearly double by 2015. While commercial trucking growth is good news for the trucking companies and the economy, it is bad news for the cars, vans and SUVs that share the road with these potentially lethal giants. In tractor trailer accidents, 98% of fatalities occur to the individuals in the passenger vehicles.

All tractor trailer collisions, whether done through absolutely reckless behavior or by simple negligent behavior can have far-reaching implications in the form of injuries sustained by the innocent victims of these acts.

When severe injuries are caused by a tractor trailer wreck, the victim will need professional legal representation, advice and counsel as soon as possible to ensure you receive a fair and reasonable outcome. An outcome that takes all of the circumstances of the event in mind and that is just and fair. They need a legal advocate who is aggressive in protecting their rights and is also compassionate in understanding what the injured victim is going through.  The attorney must have the skill and expertise of knowing the inner workings of the human anatomy to fully understand the scope and effect of the injuries.

Bear in mind, that as soon as one has been injured, the insurance company for the culpable party begins almost instantly in an attempt to minimize the appropriate outcome for the injured individual – the insurance company views the injured or the family who has lost a loved one as an alpha-numeric number and the insurance company will attempt to do everything within their power to not compensate the injured or the family of a loved one in a fair and reasonable manner. Insurance companies are strictly driven by profits, not by their compassion for people and doing what is right and just. The insurance company’s focus will rely on one simple principle: profits over people. So, if given the chance, an insurance company will try to resolve a claim before all injuries have even been identified and have ever received professional medical attention. Those types of actions by the insurance companies exemplify the vantage point that they take on those who are severely injured and or who have lost loved ones.  That vantage point taken is that they do not care about you or your family and that they have no compassion towards what you have experienced.

You need someone who is dedicated to justice for you, someone that will protect your rights, aggressively work for a fair and reasonable outcome for you and allow you to be able to return to the life that you knew of before the incident that was forced upon you. Not an outcome that the insurance company will attempt to force upon you but one that is fair and lets you obtain the justice you need and deserve. 

For all trucking cases, timing is crucial in many respects: evidence of the ECM data (the truck’s black box) can be erased, driver’s can move on to other states and companies, critical evidence of the truck itself can be lost as can important documentation regarding the trucking company or its driver.

The initial stages of any type of trucking case are crucial for a variety of reasons. The following are some suggested steps to take to ensure you are headed in the right direction toward a fair and just recovery, both physically and financially. 

Suggested Steps To Take If You Have Been Injured