When DUI’s Increase Over the Holidays So Do People Injured By Drunk Drivers

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The holiday season presents a wonderful opportunity to take time off work and gather with loved ones. Unfortunately, many of these gatherings involve alcohol, and many people do not behave responsibly after drinking.

The Stats

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, traffic-related deaths involving drunk drivers increase to 2-3 times the normal amount. Forty percent of highway deaths can be attributed to drunk driving during this time, as opposed to 28% the rest of the year. Every holiday season, nearly 1,200 people are killed by drunk drivers. Another 25,000 are injured in traffic accidents caused by alcohol.

Why Do People Drink More During the Holidays?

When surveyed, 50% of people said alcohol plays a role in their families’ holiday gatherings. According to Forbes, there are 10 reasons people drink during the holidays – and not all of them are celebratory.

These reasons include:

  • Festive drinks
  • An air of celebration
  • Parties
  • Reunions with family and friends
  • Stress
  • Social anxiety
  • Financial difficulties
  • Coping with psychological problems

Drinking in moderation can add holiday cheer to events and reunions, but binge drinking can create problems, especially when people are not drinking for the right reasons. Alcoholics and high-risk DUI offenders are also more likely to succumb to their dark impulses during the holiday season.

When people get behind the wheel of a car after self-medicating or over-indulging, the results can be devastating and claim innocent lives.

The Aftermath

If you or your loved ones have been injured or killed by a drunk driver during the holiday season, you know that the reality of the situation is much more earth-shattering than the facts and statistics above.

At The Law Offices of Joshua Branch, LLC, we will not treat you and your family like just another number. Joshua W. Branch will handle your case with the compassion and gravity it deserves, and we will do everything in our power to make sure the drunk driver who harmed you shares the consequences of their behavior.

Filing a lawsuit will not change what happened, but it can help you and your loved ones achieve financial peace of mind – and pursuing justice can help you find closure.

If you’re ready to get started, call us at (706) 760-9220 or schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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