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Real Life Situations of Real Clients

Imagine you are the following person:

“I just finished working and was driving home. I decided to get a milkshake to top off what had been a very long day at work. After having left the milkshake shop, I was heading home to put up my feet. On my way home, I came upon a large intersection that I pass through everyday. All I could think is that I couldn’t wait to get home, so when the light at the intersection turned green I couldn’t resist the smile that came across my face because I knew I was that much closer to being home. As I proceeded through the intersection, all I remember is that everything went black as I heard a massive metallic crushing sound.

When I awoke I saw a paramedic at my car door. I tasted blood which was falling down my face into my mouth and saw smoke rising from my car, while my body hurt everywhere. I had broken glass covering me everywhere. I was scared my car was about to catch on fire as I saw the smoke continuing to rise from under my hood. I saw police cars, ambulances and several people all with the look of shock and awe on their face. I was overwhelmed and scared. Apparently, a reckless driver was looking at a text message and didn’t look up to see that he had a red light and drove right through the intersection and collided directly into me going about 60mph. He T-boned my car and sent my vehicle spinning.

On the ride to the hospital, I cried. My life had changed because someone decided to be reckless and not care about my life and my well being.

At the hospital, I was told I was diagnosed with a closed head injury, herniated discs in my neck and scarring on my face from the cuts from the wreck. Surely, for such a reckless deed the insurance company of the at-fault driver would want to make sure that I was taken care of so that at least I would have my medical bills paid in full and that I would be provided a fair and reasonable outcome – sadly, that was far from the truth. The insurance company did not care and displayed that lack of care and concern by trying to get me to settle my case before I had even had a chance to get well. The amount of the settlement offer didn’t even cover my initial hospital bills.

I was experiencing severe headaches and loss of balance from the closed head injury, the discussions of a surgical procedure were ongoing wherein I would have metal plates and screws put in my neck after having my vertebrae hollowed out to provide room so that there would not be compression on my spinal cord. I saw the scars on my face every day as I looked in the mirror. The insurance company was not even providing me a settlement offer that reflected my hospital bills. I wanted my life back before this happened but knowing that would not happen, I just wanted what is fair and reasonable taking into account all of the injuries and their effects upon my life. The insurance company for the at-fault driver was not going to be fair and reasonable so I needed someone to protect my rights and help me.”

Imagine you are the following person:

“I was driving with my young child so that I could take him to get a toy for doing his chores for the week, and as I was turning in an intersection, with the green light in my direction ---BOOM--- a reckless driver collided into the side of my vehicle. At least that is what I was told because all I remember is that I was taking my son to get a toy…then black, everything else had to be told to me because I don’t remember. Apparently another car drove through the red light and into our car at a high rate of speed and caused my head to be impacted in the process. Again, I don’t remember any of this. However, the doctors told me that the bleeding on my brain has stopped, so that is promising, I guess. But, what is not promising is that I can’t remember anything, my headaches won’t stop, I can’t maintain my balance, I am constantly dizzy, and I am being told I am lucky that it wasn’t worse and that despite the fact that there is irreparable harm to my brain that I should be able to regain most normal functioning in the next twelve months or so. What can I do? Why did this happen?”

Imagine you are the following person:

“I had been working all week, just waiting for the weekend. I had my fly rod ready and I was going to the river to catch some trout. Saturday morning finally came and I was off. After a few hours fishing from the banks of my favorite river, I noticed a couple playing with their dog and frankly didn’t think much about it at the time. However, next thing I knew when I was trying to get back to my truck, that dog came out of nowhere and bit my calf so bad that chunks of flesh came out. I went immediately to the hospital where they stitched me up. I thought I was going to be okay, but that is when the worst happened. I learned that I had contracted a disease from the dog and that I was going to have to be quarantined. Outside of the shock and pain I was left with little other emotion. What had just happened to my life?

After I was back on the road to recovery, I felt it was only right that the owners of the dog make amends for what their dog had done. They told me to contact their insurance company, which I did. After I spoke to their insurance company it was obvious that their insurance company did not care and displayed that lack of care and concern by telling me that they were not even going to cover my initial hospital bills.

I just wanted what is fair and reasonable, taking into account all of the injuries and their effects upon my life. The insurance company for the dog’s owners was not going to be fair and reasonable, so I needed someone to protect my rights and help me.”

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  • $1,050,000 Car Accident
  • $700,000 Trucking Accident
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