UM/UIM Insurance for Pedestrians


Uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) insurance coverage is easily one of the most helpful types of insurance coverage that many people do not have because the average auto insurance policy does not include it standard. Although, if more people knew about the benefits of UM/UIM coverage, then it would probably be much more common. This unique type of insurance allows you to receive damages from your own insurer in the event that another driver causes your injuries but does not have any or enough insurance to pay for all of your medical bills and vehicle repair costs. But it also can provide coverage for injured pedestrians, like shoppers in parking lots, passersby on sidewalks, and even protestors in the streets.

How UM/UIM Insurance Benefits Pedestrians

In the fine print of most UM/UIM insurance plans, you will see that it can cover you when you are on foot, not just when you are in a vehicle. This extra coverage is extremely useful because the truth is that a pedestrian who is hit by a car is highly likely to suffer catastrophic injuries that require emergency medical care and extended hospitalization. The at-fault driver’s insurance policy might not be able to cover the full amount, so underinsured motorist insurance can help fill in the rest.

Some pedestrian accidents are made even worse by the fact that the at-fault driver escapes the scene before they can be identified. Again, uninsured motorist insurance is crucial here because an unidentified driver is technically the same as an uninsured one, at least according to insurance policies. Pedestrians who are injured in a hit-and-run can file an uninsured motorist accident claim with their own insurance provider to seek much-needed financial compensation.

Who Needs UM/UIM Insurance?

There is no strong reason to not purchase UM/UIM insurance coverage if you can afford it because it is needed by basically everyone. Drivers should get it because an estimated 10% of motorists have no insurance, and many more have base-level insurance policies. People who have a car but prefer to walk also should get UM/UIM insurance because pedestrians can be the most vulnerable to serious injuries after a crash. With daily or weekly protests being so common in recent months, UM/UIM insurance has become important for protestors, too. If you are worried about not getting enough coverage after being hurt by a driver, then this type of insurance is for you.

Call The Athens Car Accident Attorney

Getting coverage from your UM/UIM policy is easier said than done, though. Many insurance companies have gained notoriety for resisting any sort of UM/UIM claim, despite those claims being filed by their own policyholders. You should expect at least some opposition, like inquiries from the insurer about your injuries and whether or not you could be found partially liable for the accident. For example, an insurance company might try to deny your claim if someone says you walked into the street without looking both ways or if you were intentionally in the middle of the road due to a protest. To move your claim forward with confidence, you should work with a local pedestrian accident attorney soon after you were hurt.

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