DUI Accident Victim

Personal Injury Attorney Joshua W. Branch has extensive and impressive experience in resolving personal injury cases for victims who have suffered injuries from another person being intoxicated. Most DUI accident victims sustain injuries from vehicular collisions; however, bear in mind that DUI victims can be pedestrians.  There have even been reports of people sitting in their own living room when a drunk driver has driven literally through the wall of their home causing injury.

DUI accident victims need to make sure that they have the professional legal representation of Joshua W. Branch on their side to ensure a reasonable and just outcome.

If you or someone you know has suffered injuries because of an intoxicated person’s actions or deeds you will need someone who is dedicated to justice for you. You will need someone that will protect your rights, someone that will aggressively work for a fair and reasonable outcome for you and allow you to be able to return to the life that you knew before the incident that was forced upon you, not an outcome that the insurance company will attempt to force upon you but one that is fair and lets you obtain the justice you need and deserve.

For all DUI victim cases, timing is crucial in many respects.

The initial stages of any type of DUI accident victim case wherein the victim has suffered injuries are crucial for a variety of reasons. The following are some suggested steps to take to ensure you are headed in the right direction toward a fair and just recovery, both physically and financially.

Suggested Steps To Take If You Have Been Injured